Oshen - Pretty Wahine lyrics

I'm standing closer I dont know what to say
But I wanna get close to you.
You lookin lovely, delicious, and fantastic.
Attractive so refreshing girl u make me feel so new.
Five minutes or your time, a short conversation
And I will be satisfied.

Hey you, pretty wahine, I wanna know what your all about
There ain't no doubt I wanna check you out
Girl my hearts been so dry cause I've had a love drought.
Let your love rain down on me, let your love rain down you'll see
And we blossom eternally

What will you do if I come and talk to you,
Will you turn your back and walk away.
Or will you stay, give me the time of day,
I wanna get to know if I stand a chance
At holdin you in my arms tonight.
Tell me baby that you want me like I want you
So I can squeeze you tonight.

Repeat Chorus

Steppin upon the scene as I was seein ya lookin
So nice I be thinkin da future is with you,
You're sweeter thatn sugar and spice.
Hopin and-a prayin that you respect me and my game,
And never come with all those wicked games.

Repeat Chorus