Osanna - Fog In My Mind lyrics

Fog in my mind while silk flashes dance
Grass in your hair I touch myself
But I'm not true
People don't drag me away
I don't want to go on
This waning rises like a shroud
And it's coverin' you too
And it's coverin' you too.

Sound don't fade it now, let them dance again
Grass now has covered you
I touch myself but I'm not true
I touch myself but I'm not true.

I hate my hands
I hate my voice
I hate everything
That has created
Fog in my mind... fog in my mind...

The sun is melting its icerays
And is givin' me heat
While the grass still covers you all
I dance alone and with you too
The fog in my mind, has flown away

The moment is gon. It's over too
Within me every fear has flown away
The sun has swept the fog away
And it's givin' me heat

The fog in my mind has flown away
The fog went away, went away.