Orphaned Land - Flawless Believe lyrics

As ashes slowly fall, I turn to heed my inner call
To feel the gap within my soul
I must find the one inside, the whole
Flawless belief, is what my eyes see

A shining figure here before me
A divine idol we all plead to
I'm down on my knees, I worship you with awe
I'm down on my knees, my belief forever strong

And I call out to you, my lord of light
Watch my faith, how it glows
God await, that I know
My praise for him I shall bestow...
And sing it, praise you lord, he is the lord

In all past centuries I've lived
False believers lived an eternal lie
We live our life - amen
Giving love to the end

Shadows rise and fall
At God's divine call
The answer to my pleas
Let all madness cease
This will be done