Original Broadway Cast - If I Said I Loved You lyrics

If I said I loved you
All my life I loved you
Would the line be crossed?
Would the words make sense?
Would the thought be cause for concern?
Would you turn to frost?
Would you take offense?
Or perchance feel love in return?

If I said I loved you
All my life I loved you
Would you think me cruel
To presume as much?
Should I take more time to declare?
Would I seem the fool
To admit as such?
In my heart you've always been there

After all we've been through now
Is the hour too late?

Is it too soon?
Can a man forgive

Where the wound you won't given time to heal

After so much time can a seed still grow?
Can a fire be sparked from this embers glow?

Do I say the words
Risk as few would dare
Such a precious bond as we share

If I said the words
If I spoke my heart
If I said out loud what I feel
If I had the strength
Once again to start
I would risk the tide
And reveal it all

I wonder what you'd say
Wonder what you'd do
If I said "My love, I love you"