Ordalium - Eternal Punishment lyrics

A long time ago.
When the world was young.
The fallen demon was lowered on the Earth
People called him - God.

Die for me, I'm your Master
Pray for me, I'm your Lord
Burning circle of, Eternal punishment
Your tears, Full of pain.

I'm the lord of Double wand of power
The wand of force of Coph Nia.
My left hand is empty I have crushed
An universe & naught remains.

There is no place for sins and blood
Do what then wilt.

Your plash and blood for me Just Pray
You all will burn, Do what I say I'm the god
Hell is real, It waits for you
River Styx, So cold and red.

I'm the son of Honor Land
Walking my way when you pray there.
My motherland where winds so wild
Your words for me are sick.