Orange Island - Pyretic Eyes (The Same Soap Opera) lyrics

So aren't you disappointed yet, wasting a kiss at a point in time
When brothers betray and lovers fall away from truth
With eyes closed tight
And it's only cold at night when you sleep alone after drinking alone
With her picture propped up against your phone

So aren't you disappointed yet, mouth in fist at a point in time
When no one's supposed to find out about it
But can he still lie about it through the silence of baby's breath
Out of sight, out of mind, right? well how does he sleep at night
Knowing it's all painted and knowing it's all fake, oil based, two faced
And drowning in the makeup that she cakes her filthy face with
Drowning in the makeup that cakes her lying face

Waking up on the wrong side of golden eyes
Yours finally opened to the stooping low trends
Of a her and a him that could give two shits about telling the ugly truth to a loving and trusting you, a once loving and trusting you

And now it's the same cliché crutches again
Different chicks in different beds, drugs, alcohol and Radiohead
Drinking with or without best friends to "Ok Computer" or "The Bends"
Sorry, but "Drugs" and "Kid A" were too cliché even for me
But you know this