Optimus Rhyme - Incognito lyrics

I gotta be telling you something about the Autobeat coalition
My mission destroy this mic beat up the whack position
You listen to the propaganda bot gotta get out and get in
I spit in paranormal paths while fittin
Perfectly paint over Autobeat insignia
See me on Cybertron sneakin’ in the symbiotic
Ideological brain center of the whackacons; pass freely
They frequently patrol skyways as Wheelie
With five ways to impersonate an officer; somebody say they need ID
One hour later that bot is needed and I be
Communicate quickly with the Stumblebee
Yo it’s the Optimus R-H-Y-M- to the E
You see me? I’m stomping through mobile monitors
Powerthighs jacked in coded total followers
Guilty cause they shot at us these flower PuCBots
They line up as cattle and even more got hot
Like Rumblebot he taught us the best way to abolish
Is to start up at the top and just tarnish the floor polish
Then demolish the lubricant so that you would get the wall
Ignited your enemy give them one more chance to crawl
Hear the clickety clack, titanium knee pads
Metallic sweat glands pump oil through the hands
Hear the faintest sound of the matrix flutterin’
Flyin’ in the getter with the voicebox stutterin’
It’s not fun to them it’s not fun to me
It’s wheelie on an undercover op baby and I fight for a fee

[Cuts out to japanese]