Opposing Perfection - Ticking Planet lyrics

What's wrong with society
What's wrong with human kind
The media and culture
Has made us all so blind
Take a look out your window and tell me what you find
Starvation, famine horror and strife
So many rotting wasted human lives
Poverty, bloodshed fakes, and frauds
Tell me is this the work of your fucking gods
Slavery, war toil and pain
Sanity's gone were going insane
Injustice, cruelty and bigotry
What's scarier than anything is reality
Prejudice, racism and disease
Drop down to your fucking knees
Pray to the heavens up above
Because you've breathed your last breath
Feel the cold hands of death
As they rip you of this earth
Now its time for judgment day
This ticking planet is gonna blow is all away