Operation - Cliff Clavin:Education Not Execution lyrics

...ineffetive stance to detter homocide its easy to prove the chances of failure...(?unsure)
Its the brutal truth of savage americans;they don't give a fuck
With every exectution they think somethings getting done
To solve the problem of violent crime
We like to think that we live in such a great society
Electricuting people in a chair doesn't sound that civilized to me
And i don't see how they can call it civilized when they use such an aged rule like an eye for an eye
And i can't believe that nobody cares
And that nobody thinks its just a little unfair
It doesn't seem to matter that it doesn't even work
It doesn't make it better it only makes things worse
I can't believe that no one can say that its not an unusual way
To punish someone for their crimes
To take a life to make things right
And i can't believe that no one can see that it doesn't do a goddamned thing
Its inhumanity
It makes them feel safe but it scares the fuck out of me