Open BSD - 4.3 Home To Hypocrisy lyrics

Puffy and the mighty Cryptonauts
Trading with new lands by open C
Corporate monsters, many closing passages
Tempting harpies
13 years of treachery

Journey's over, welcome home the heroes
Offering the bounty of their trade
Useful clothing spun from the golden fleece
For the people, free and very strongly made

But something's wrong with them
They will not take our free wares
"What's the matter good people?
Why are you so scared?

Then one brave soul spoke out
"We're not allowed to take your gifts
Hypocrites has spoken
There are many new laws"

Hypocrites appears
You must obey my new rules!"

"First rule one dictates
You cannot give your code away"

(In Greek) To your health, Nick, great bouzouki player and cool dude.

"And rule two dictates
You must give it to me
So I can give it away properly for free"

"The list goes on of course
But for traders this is all you need"

"This is madness!
He has lost his mind!
This defies the first law of free trade
Rule zero came before this rule one
Freedom means you cannot dictate to anyone"

Then Hypocrites goes mad.