One Chance - Walk Of Shame (2012)

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One Chance - Walk Of Shame lyrics

Call two thousand miles,
Walk a million feet
Baby I know I`m not perfect,
I can admit it,
That ain`t no good enough for you
And you`re too good for me.
I know you`ve been hurt
So I should know what you don`t deserve
And I don`t want to do some stupid,
So I`ll go ahead and do it.

I walk away,
On the walk of shame x 2

Baby I know,
We`d never be the same again.
So I walk away cause maybe
We were meant to be friends.
Girl I`ve never meant to hurt you,
But I know I don`t deserve you,
I walk away, on the walk of shame.

On the walk of shame…
Just to be a man…
Oh no…
Baby you don`t deserve sin…

Oh I don`t care the sun is hot,
I`d rather do that
And not getting you away.

You`re much too special to me,
Us break up I don`t want to see,
Even though we`ve just started
I think I should part,
And go in separated way
On the walk of shame…

x 2

On the walk of shame…