OnCue - Kinda Late (2012)

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OnCue - Kinda Late lyrics

Hey girl
My name is OnCue
What’s your name?
Where you from?
How old are you, how many siblings do you have?

You already know this ain’t my protocol,
shouts to the girls who gave me the broken heart left me for dead
Told me keep stroking off now all they wanna do is eat my beef stroganoff, lock the sound now??
All i see is open doors got a finger price saying Cuey keep holding off,
You wouldn’t whack me back when i have me acne now
My beer flashin stop playin you aint’ an athlete
You a math geek after my numbers and after this summer wont be an up and comer
You won’t be the number one got your girl hit me up for my number via tumblr
Fill me up ..all the time that my is too party and slumber
After get a facial no cucumbers, oh well oh what oh what we got while i work to the top she could work around my (cock)

You wouldn’t get me the time a day now you in my face all the
All the sudden we ain’t conversate now you tryin f*ck
Remember you were try hate when i was coming up
Yeah you sort of kinda late, Yeah kinda late
Doesn’t matter I ain't standing now,
Yeah, a quarter to three yeah it’s kinda late,
Why the hell should i care while i enjoy the ride
Since I’m funny here baby

Baby i wish i was kidding but to be honest i really want you kitten
I really want you with your future ..living in .. your eyes chicken
Bend you over, hit the ..f*cking my thinking how she introduce her self before i get kinky
But girl my shit ain’t ricky dicky is that shiny .. big call me daddy puffy diggy
Get me one more chance, have you pop like iggy but spot kind of chiddy
let’s call the a cab is you with me?
you reside in your open west side do you mind if my right hand creeps up your left thigh?
baby i don’t’ need no harm and back to your crib and drink the Pino calmly I need it, I want it, cause me so horny
try to puff my creation, we no...


Yeah you kinda late never gave the time to date
Now i but you lying awake, don’t you try to find a way
They get me back while i’m off the mat tryin to hide away
Making base open dirty days they kinda late
So now you’re dating so and so
Math major that dude was a f*cking hoe
While i’m f*ckign hoes never turn the lights out
He probably got some Ed Hardy on right now
Damn that was a logo you been even be the same you been eating Ho-Ho's.
Maybe i just hit you .. in a foto
That she can turn back into a so so
Oh so what you gonna do now
How does it feel to be yesterdays news now, come on you just as smart as me.
You should try f*ck Drake and sing the song with me.

Oh baby yeah
You say you had 2 brothers 2 sisters, 1 step sister
You like my ...
She’s fly i got it just for you baby
Just for you