Omarion - She's Leaving Me lyrics

Oh6x(damn she;s leaving me)

Intro:how did i let it go this far

Verse1:This time its over I just used my last exuse now shit hit the wall an im sitten here with nothing knowing that i had it all

Chorus:(Aint nothing to say)cause i done said so much to point were she(dont even believe me)aint nothing i can do cant believe after all we been through damn 2x(she's leaving me)

Hook:were did i go wronge i thought love you would get me outta this one but its all done an (she's leaving me...oh3x damn she's leaving me

Verse2:I know what i was thinking(i'll tell this lie slip out this time)but you smarter that i think i should've tryed to play you,i always say i need you( then i regret why i even choose to fool wit you)