Omarion - I Think My Girl Is Bi lyrics

Yeah (young money!)
Back like I left somethin'
So I got this situation
My girl's been hangin out With this other girl
Let me talk about it

Where is my girlfriend?
I been callin'
She aint picked up
Somethings fishy
She won't hear me
Now i'm sittin' here
Like what the fuck?

This is too unusual
She never did it like this before
She usually calls me back within the hour

I bet she's out with whats her name
The girl that doesn't have a man
Assumptions in my mind got me confused girl

Sometimes you can't keep a pretty bitch off me
But when shes with her girlfriend she don't even speak
She could spot a pretty girl faster than I can
Tells me that she loves me but I'm tryna' understand

I think my girl is..
Bi Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay

Should I say goodbye?
Should I give it a try?
I think my girl is...