Olsen Twins - The Ghost Song (No Such Thing) lyrics

There's no such thing! It's not a ghost,
because there's no such thing. No such thing.
I can't be frightened of a globby, green, glow,
'cause there's no such thing.

It plays the piano, it swings on the swing.
It does a lot considering there's no such thing.
Then it boots my computer, as quick as you please.
It floats on the keyboard. It presses some keys.
"What creature may you be?" came up on the screen.
I type in, "a human being."

Suddenly, the rooms goes as icy as winter,
and something came out of the printer...
"No such thing! You can't be human, cause there's no such thing.
Those human stories, they scare ghosts so,
but we know there's no such thing!"

There's no such thing.
It didn't happen, cause there's no such thing.
I made the whole thing up, so I outta know.
And I know there's no such things.

Boo! Huh?
No Such Thingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg