Olsen Twins - I Can't Hear My Parents Call lyrics

Mother: Mary-Kate!
Ashley: Mom's calling.
Mary-Kate: Really? I don't hear anything.
Mother: Time to brush your teeth!
Ashley: You're right. I don't hear anything either.

I hear caterpillars crawling'
Through the grass so late at night
I hear the earth worms wiggling'
In the early morning light

I can hear grasshoppers walking'
On their feet so light and small
But not matter what I'm doing'
I can't hear my parents call

I can't hear my parents call
Though they call out loud and clear
They can shout until they're hoarse
It will never reach my ears
If they're shouting' in the summer
If they're screaming' in the fall
Any season, any reason
I can't hear my parents call

I can always hear the secrets
That my parents try to keep
I can hear them late at night
When they thing that I'm asleep
When they're whispering' in the basement
I can hear them in the hall
But when they want to get me
I can't hear my parents call


They took me to the doctor
She wired up my ears
I heard the softest sound
That anyone could hear

She gave me a certificate
It's hanging on my wall
It says my ears are great
I just can't hear my parents call

Chorus (X 2)