Ola Podrida - Day At The Beach lyrics

On the beach I limped and held your weary hand
That windy day we slept well past noon
Too busy counting every grain of sand
To even have a ghost of a clue

I played in the waves like a five-year-old child
Timing my jumps with the rolling tide
I never looked to see you on the shore
Planning your escape and drying your eyes
Had you known for a week, a month, or a year
Had you been trying in vain to let me know
Somehow I never noticed your tears
And sitting there smiling I watched you go

I laid on back, listening to the waves
Humming a song that you never knew
The water wet your feet
As you crossed through the sand
And whispered that you'd be back soon
I never thought to ask you when
Blind to the sorrow you were laying to rest
I never thought to tell you to jump back in
And sitting there smiling I watched you go