Okkervil River - Yellow lyrics

You can only talk so much about things
That are never, ever going to happen
My brother's at home with his dog and his cat
And his wife is at a friend's
You can only go on so long about feelings
That never, ever actually touch you
No matter how much she told him "I love you"
He found it would depend

On the gifts that he brought her
Or how badly she was hurt
When the boss was cruel at work
But he'd just say
"I love you"
And he'd reach out to her

He was feeling like shit when I came to visit
And walked through the door of his tiny apartment
We went for a walk through the park by the market
So we could get some air
Well, I told to him all things intended to help him
Especially that, simply because it was ending
That that didn't mean she was always pretending
Real happiness was there

I could see and I could tell
It was real love that they felt
And I'm sorry it didn't end well
But some things
They just don't
That's life
And you shouldn't blame yourself

And all of these things, well, I truly believe them
Our paths and our futures are hidden in mists
That are stretching out over impossible distances
Totally obscured
And I really do think that there's probably more good
Than anger or selfishness, sickness, or sadness
Would ever completely allow us to have in this life
I think I'm sure

But that doesn't mean it's bad
We were walking towards our dad
While getting out of that school bus
And he just said
"I love you"
And he reached out to us