Okkervil River - Millionaire lyrics

So he rode across the country
In a squad of limousines
So he galloped through the pages
Of a thousand magazines
Here's the guitar in his hand
Here are the women by his side
They're fresh-fucked from the bus bunk-bed
They're giving head through that long ride
And here's the monster in his hair
All the young girls knew was there
And they loved him fiercely for it

The scene it opens sombrely
A black and burnt-out scar
Across the whole entire country
And here comes the child star
His striding eyes on fire
Through a broken blazing field
He's close to tears, eyes all sincere
With all the influence he wields
He is entreating us
His cheeks all flushed
A dead wind in his hair
Well we appreciate your efforts

Oh, millionaire
Clap your hands and give a stunned and silent stare
Oh, millionaire
Strike a chord, smack a tom, I just don't care

Ring a polished gong
For the master now he's plastered
Now he's on the runway in his robe
Having circled half the globe
For priests and politicians
Seeking wisdom he might share
They're all locked safely up inside

That millionaire
Say a toast with glasses raised into the air
Oh, millionaire
He's much happier than you and he's a million times as rare

There's a glint up in the small eyes
Of the mouth upon the screen
Between some teeth a speech repeated
From the liquid crystal stream
In strides a smiling, long-time rival
In a drab, grey cotton smock
He's heard it all before he says
It's all just lies, it's all just talk
Just this one time I will believe him
But I know that it's a choice
And I'm aware, but just don't care
I sign my name, I raise my voice
And fall disabling all the alarms
Overwhelmed by all his charms
Into the warm arms of another millionaire