Oil - Thanks For The Ride lyrics

Song: Thanks for the Ride

Artist: OIL

Album: OIL (the Gold Tape [Demo])

Music by: Deron Miller, Ryan Bruni, and Jess Margera

Words by: Deron Miller

*Note*: this song has some really tricky lyrics, but I committed some time to it and an 99% sure they are all correct.

[the lyrics start now:]

I drive, I drive into Hellview

He comes to me and says, "You look bad."

The jewel is in your hand, situations are hopeless

I gotta find a way, now I'm finding a way

Back into the hearts, the living legends

And I can find my dreams, now I'm taking them back

And turning them to gold, I'm a lucky guy

Don't befriend a man my size, say, you look bad

I can't be alive

Take me back to your planet

And show me how you live your life

Now I soar through empty space

When grabbing on, don't cut yourself

The cries, let out in the open,

Don't gratify their hides. Ain't that sad?

Spoiled as it seems, nothing is there when

The "under-guy" confides, and it's not so sad

At least I'm alive

Take me back to your planet

And show me how you live your life

I've had enough of empty space

Goodbye, thank you for the ride

So take me back to your planet

So show me how to live my life

Adapting to the atmosphere

Turn around, there's no one there

Putting all in what you call

The engine fueled by decency

You can't put squares in circle holes

If I mess up don't blame me

There's nothing right.

There's nothing wrong.

Lives, fading away

To satisfy the heights, and taking them back

To kill a man, agreeing nothing is there when

The "under-guy" confides…

I'm alive.