Ohio Players - Body Vibes lyrics

Body vibes uh-huh body vibes make you feel alive/ There ain't no jive, ohh woman, huh/ I'm shaking all over well, well/ ohh yes I wanna know, well/ Trying to take my soul/ Moving in, moving you smoothly/ It makes me feel so free/ I want to know just want to speak/ you got to feel my good body vibrations, well/ Oh Lord, in the mood it makes me feel so proud (ohh feels so proud)/ You bout to make me loose all of my patience girl, yeah/ Move me baby yeah, yeah, yeah ohh, yeah, yeah, yeah/ Just keep on movin' and groovin' me get down on me "G" feel the beat / And move me (feel the beat)/ Ohh yes I wanna know/ Trying to take my soul/ Moving in, moving you smoothly/ I wanna know just want to speak/ Feel you, I feel good a little good/ All you have to do is try I realize the/ body vibes will make you high/ I feel a brand new sensation, some new situation/ Feel about the station, feel about my patience/ Body vibrations, yeah, well, well, well Do you love her/ Vibrations, vibrations yeah, ohh/ Move me baby, woman keep on moving/ Me girl feels so right, oh yeah/ ohh yeah, yeah, yeah/ Can't you feel the beat baby/ Keep on moving your feel girl, well/ Can't you feel the beat, girl/ Yeah, yeah, yeah/ Move me baby, keep on moving me girl/ Yeah, yeah keep on moving me/ Keep on moving me, keep on moving me baby/ Woman you move me baby can't you feel it, ohh/ Move me baby, vibrations/ I think I think I feel the beat now vibrations/ It's time to patch on think on feet/ vibrations, vibrations, sensation, sensation,/ I think I got it now, c'mon vibrations/ Move me baby hey, hey hey/ I want your rating moving, I want your rating loving/ A lot of patience, a lot of patience, a lot of patience In the mood/ Ohh body vibes/ Don't stop now, don't stop now, don't stop now, Shucks!