OhNo! Milo - On Our Way lyrics

Hello, my friend,
it's been so long since I've
Held you close,
Arms wrapped tight,
With you heart next to mine.

When I look into those eyes,
I see two stars
Shinning brightly, illuminating,
The face I hold so dear.

At first thought I was afraid that you wouldn't know me.
Have I ever seen you before?
But I guess we remember the ones we love.
Especially the ones we adore.

I knew I'd remember you.
How could I forget,
The creation that has captured my attention,
Ever more?

I think you're beautiful.
Forget! There was no doubt
That this love would ever end.
I must have read the signals incorrectly.
It's alright, 'cause now you're back.
And I don't plan to ever leave.

I hope not after all we've been through.
I was hoping we could live the life
Of which we've always dreamed.
We're on our way.

Every time I see your face
And we have these conversations.
Disaster could be on it's way
And I wouldn't care what happen.

Your voice floats over my head
Like the song of a sanctuary.
Written out of love
For one who never goes away.

And the choir sings...