OhNo! Milo - Every Cop's A Softy (Good Thing I'm Not A Cop) lyrics

I was stiffened by a breeze
The abrupt coolness of deceit.
Played up by the facade
That you donned so lavishly.
I should've seen it coming.
Oh I should've seen it coming.

Confessing your sins, you phone me up.
Exploiting that slippery smile.
Well Darling, all my friends
Have know your selfish secrets for a while.
I guess I saw it coming.
Didn't want to see it coming.

She always gets out of speeding tickets.
Now this time she'll slow way down.
Because with this type of forgiveness,
I'm not compelled to stick around.
I guess ignorance was bliss,
But it's three days 'till Christmas.
So I'm taking back your gifts.

Because it's summer in December,
And I'm not as sad as you think I am.
Oh, it's summer in December.
And your not the one I'll share this with.

You should've seen this coming.
You know you saw this coming.
You had a good thing and I sincerely think,
"Cheaters shouldn't prosper...Just get tossed away."

Sleep descends after I realize first,
That time (often a blessing and a curse),
Will exist solely on this earth.