OhGr - Pepper lyrics

mark these arctic bones
setting a better
get it back to own
nothing adds a bitter sum
but is underdone
fabrication, brings disorder
short, rare, indeed, this corner is
an all too well know place that has
now become a prison

can't i fix it
won't we miss it
can i fix it
can't i fix it
banter mixed itch?
can't i fix it now

in amongst the trees
rotten to the core of expertise
visions spin the head again
see through walls secret games
nested covers furry tracks
viscous nature of attacks
i wish i would sophisticate
the bitter shrill
the stink of faith

i really wanna fix it
go away
my impression in another place
go away...
really wanna take it
take away
i really wanna pick up on the case and get back to the-

am, become, what is needed but undone, all together, so apart, of this ever puzzled accident x4

am, (???) take me back to someplace of what i thought i was it used to be i wish i was
tomorrow ill give up, tomorrow ill give up but today