Of The Wand And The Moon - Nighttime In Sonnenheim lyrics

Pour the mead it's time to feast
It's nighttime in Sonnenheim
In the brightness of stars in the might of night
It's nighttime in Sonnenheim
A toast to friends and here's to kin
A toast to good company as day grows dim
Times to come and times that have been
Here's to the powers and strength within

Mount your dreams pour your wine
It's nighttime in Sonnenheim
Erect the Algiz hold tight my friend
The fire's lit the feast begins
The emptiness of our foes shall ricochet
True we are and true we'll stay
And this I say my truest friend
Thor's on return and Othinn rides again

Bring your friends to the feast
It's nighttime in Sonnenheim...

Bring deine freunde zum fest
Es ist nacht in Sonnenheim...