Oceansize - Build Us A Rocket Then lyrics

Spin the wheel my kiss of fortune! Your solitude's a high pitched
whine. Let go of the medicine or you'll be sucking it until you die.
I thought this could be my time 'til you pulled the rug from under me.
I've hardened in this ageless shame of swinging from your coattails.
Now I'm back to good old ball and chain... Wonderful! Let the water
pour! How right you were... with your entourage of hissing snakes, a
simple matter of give and take. Now pour your mind out of the vase,
wall to wall. Winner takes all, but I wanna see the lightning strike you.

Return with this sickness, turn the kick in his head. My word is he
woeful in his rant. I imagine you'd like to call it soulful...

Kick through the doors you can. Suck open sores. You can build us a
rocket. The least you can. The worst you can. Send us on our way...