Obie Trice - Snitch (feat. Akon) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Intro: Obie Trice + (Eminem) {Akon}]
, {Convict}
, (Yeah, haha haha SHADY)
, {Convict Music}
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Obie Trice - Snitch (feat. Akon) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Intro: Obie Trice + (Eminem) {Akon}]
ZH: [介绍: Obie 瞬间 + (阿姆) {排行}]

EN: {Convict}
ZH: {罪犯}

EN: (Yeah, haha haha SHADY)
ZH: (是的哈哈哈哈可疑)

EN: {Convict Music}
ZH: {罪犯音乐}

EN: (Guess who's back)
ZH: (猜猜是谁回来)

EN: Still here, haters
ZH: 还在这里仇恨

EN: {Akon & Obie Trice, Yeah}
ZH: {Akon & Obie 瞬间、 是}

EN: Whatcha gonna do it with it, A?
ZH: 你要做它对它,A?

EN: Whatcha gonna do?
ZH: 你会怎么做?

EN: {Take em on back to the street}
ZH: {上街 em 背上}

EN: [Chorus: Akon]
ZH: [合唱: 文怡]

EN: I keep the 40 cal on my side,
ZH: 我站在我这边,保持 40 cal

EN: Stepping with the mind state of a mobster,
ZH: 步进一个黑手党的心灵状态

EN: You see a nigga pass by,
ZH: 你看到黑鬼传 》

EN: Tuck your chain in cause he might rob ya,
ZH: 塔克您链事业中他可能会抢吧

EN: Got glocks for sale, red tops for sale,
ZH: 有支格洛克手枪出售,出售,红色背心

EN: Anything that you need, believe me, I'm gon' lace you,
ZH: 任何你需要的相信我,我是尼泊尔政府 ' 蕾丝你,

EN: Just don't, whatever you do, Snitch
ZH: 只是不,不管你做什么,那个告密者

EN: Cause you will get hit, pray I don't face you, yeah
ZH: 你将会被击中的原因,祈祷我不要你的脸,是的

EN: [Obie Trice]
ZH: [Obie 瞬间]

EN: It's risky, the bitch tend to rise out a nigga
ZH: 它是危险的这个婊子趋于上升出黑鬼

EN: It's history, Snitch, who decided he's a member
ZH: 它的历史,告密者,决定他是一名成员

EN: Once he got pinched, coincided with law
ZH: 一旦他被捕时,正值法

EN: Same homie say he lay it down for the boy
ZH: 同一兄弟说他把它放下为男孩

EN: Brought game squad around ours
ZH: 带来了在我们附近的游戏队

EN: How could it be? Been homies since Superman draws
ZH: 怎么可能呢?超人绘制以来的家人

EN: Only phoniness never came to par
ZH: 只有 phoniness 未曾来到 par

EN: He had us, a true neighborhood actor
ZH: 他让我们真正的社区演员

EN: Had his back with days
ZH: 他与天背过

EN: Now we see through him like X-Ray's
ZH: 现在我们见到他像 X 射线

EN: Cuffed in that Adam car
ZH: 铐在亚当车

EN: No matter, his loss, we at him, it's war
ZH: 不管他的损失,我们看他,这是战争

EN: Knowing not to cross those reservoir dogs
ZH: 知道不要越过这些水库狗

EN: You helped plant seeds just to be a vegetable
ZH: 你帮助植物种子,只是要一种蔬菜

EN: When we invest in team, it's to the death fo' sho'
ZH: 当我们投资团队中时,它是到死 fo' sho'

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: No ex and oh's, tex calicos
ZH: 没有前和哦的 tex calicos

EN: Aim at your chest nigga
ZH: 瞄准你胸部黑鬼

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Obie Trice]
ZH: [Obie 瞬间]

EN: We started out as a crew, in one speak, it's all honest
ZH: 我们开始作为乘员组,在其中一个说,它是所有诚实

EN: Private conferences when we eat, Benihana's
ZH: 我们吃的时候,舞会的私人会议

EN: Reconnaissance when we peep enemies on us
ZH: 当我们窥视的敌人在我们的侦察

EN: Been in these corners, selling like anything on us
ZH: 在这些角落,像我们什么都卖了

EN: Knowing heaven has shown us being devil's minors
ZH: 知道天堂已经向我们表明是魔鬼的未成年人

EN: That ain't got shit to do with the tea in China
ZH: 那不是还有事要办与中国茶

EN: We gon' keep the grind up 'til death come find us
ZH: 我们尼泊尔政府 ' 磨下去直到死亡来找到我们的

EN: Mean time leanin' in them European whips reclined up
ZH: 平均时间在他们的欧洲鞭子靠躺了

EN: It's an eye for an eye for the riders
ZH: 它是以眼还眼为车手

EN: We ain't trying to get locked up, we soul survivors
ZH: 我们不想被关起来,我们的灵魂幸存者

EN: Po Pos is cowards, there's no you, it's ours
ZH: 大埔 Pos 是懦夫,有没有你,那是我们

EN: We vow this, mixing yayo with soda powder
ZH: 我们发誓这,与纯碱粉末混合聚

EN: Who woulda known he would fold and cower
ZH: 他将折叠和退缩有谁会知道呢

EN: Once the captain showed, he sold whole McDonald's
ZH: 一次显示的船长,他卖掉整个麦当劳

EN: So...
ZH: 所以...

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Obie Trice]
ZH: [Obie 瞬间]

EN: Nowadays, Sammy Da Bull's got the game full
ZH: 如今,萨米达公牛有游戏全

EN: So he move to a rural area to keep cool
ZH: 所以他搬到农村地区保持冷静

EN: They snitching on a snitch now, there's nothing to tell
ZH: 他们现在对告密者告密没有什么要告诉

EN: Nowadays, your circles should be small as hell
ZH: 现在,您的圈子应该是小的如地狱

EN: Ain't trying to meet new faces, this don't interest me
ZH: 不是想要满足新面孔,这我不感兴趣

EN: Even if we bubble slow, we get it eventually
ZH: 即使我们泡沫慢,我们最终得到它

EN: No penitentiary, there will be no clemency
ZH: 没有教养,会有没有宽大处理

EN: You will meet the lord, snitch, in given us a century
ZH: 你将见到上帝,那个告密者,在给我们一个世纪

EN: These cats is rats now, the streets need decon
ZH: 这些猫现在是大鼠、 街头的需要清洗

EN: That's how they react now, weak when the heat's on em
ZH: 这就是他们如何反应现在,弱时热的 em

EN: Stop snitching, you asked for the life your living
ZH: 停止告密,要求您的生活您的生活

EN: This act is not permitted, Nowhere on the map, It is
ZH: 这种行为不允许的无处地图上,它是

EN: Forbidden to send a nigga to prison if you been in it
ZH: 禁止发送一个黑鬼进监狱如果你一直在它

EN: Along with em and then snitch and become hidden
ZH: 和 em,然后告密而成为隐藏

EN: So...
ZH: 所以...

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Obie Trice]
ZH: [Obie 瞬间]

EN: You rat bastard
ZH: 你这个混蛋