Obie Trice - New Day (Remix) (2011)

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Obie Trice - New Day (Remix) lyrics

me and the rhythm connect
me and the rhythm connect
it’s a new life, call me!
rest in peace, eleanor trice!
july 13th 5:55 p.m.
so sick!
mom, i dedicate this to you, so let the music play,
or pray to god... gave me like a new day
it’s hard for me to even try to ... this way
and last days in the coma induced you...
put my hand on the... come up with the words you deserve
.. i know you heard me!
say breast that nourished me
got my own earth beneath the dirt now!

it’s a new life for me and you!
know you wanna see ‘em glowing
keep on, god got an exchange had me popping bottles soft
celebrating our home boy
i’m alone, so i keep the phone on,
just to hear your voice on, with your boy in the zone,
mom, i’m in the zone!
i’m in the zone!