OJ Da Juiceman - Jack Boyz lyrics

O.J. The Juiceman:
Aye young juice, young juice aye, tuck my chain in that's a no go nigga;
Got these diamond in my jewelry is like snow cones nigga;
Boy these jackers way tougher than stone cold nigga;
I be trapping i be trapping bricks and elbows nigga;
Aye all we do is win,we don't take L's nigga;
Put a 4-way on yo head that's a crest deal nigga;
You got me fucked up, if you think the crest kill niggas;

Man treat you like a potato cause we peal niggas;
Man i walk around with extendo screaming we kill niggas;
Nawl i ain't no thief but we steal nigga
Man I'm trapping like a fool right hand a whole mila;
Young juice 32 and brick squad nigga, ayyeee