O Desolation - You'd Enjoy It lyrics

Can you see the green?
The blue butterflies,
Your round brown eyes,

I like mine just like you.
Workin hard,
With a broad white smile,

Underneath your apron,
Underneath your clean face,
You say some words to a man,
Who turns and walks away.
But I would anticpate every phrase you say.
I'd be on the edge of my seat.
I want to truly hear how you speak.

Would you leave with me?
A lower middle class dream,
I'd call it love.

I'd write songs for you,
Pretty poetry,
And you'd enjoy it, too.

I see you clap your hands,
And shut your eyes,
You've got bills to pay.

But we'd leave it all,
Like maps on table tops,
And head somewhere warmer.

Underneath your hair pins,
Underneath your soft skin,
You'd say some words to me,
So I'd drift off to sleep.
And we could do it all together,
Every precious meaning,
I want to truly know what your feeling.

So I'm coming back for you.