O Desolation - Seniorita, I'll Be Your Man lyrics

Seniorita's got a man.
And we're all content
To sit back and watch
That son of bitch
Defile her slender hips.

Oh Seniorita's got a man.
But seniorita I'd treat you good,
Oh you know I would
Show you a thing or two
About what a sentimental boy can do.

Seniorita's got a man.
He's been treatin her real bad.
He's been placin his hands
Places where hands shouldn't go,
Without some "real straight talk
About life and love,"
Just like the poet said.

Seniorita's got a man.
But her almond eyes
Shine too bright
And open to wide
For shit like that.

So Seniorita I'll be your man.