Nyck Caution - World In Your Pocket (feat. Joey Bada$$) (2015)

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Nyck Caution - World In Your Pocket (feat. Joey Bada$$) lyrics

[Produced By Chuck Strangers]

Just don't lose it
This is what I'm living like...

[Verse 1: Nyck Caution]
I said it's really not the same baby
Cause our feelings ain't the same lately
I've been in and out the states, feeling drained crazy
I haven't really slept in like a day or two
And dealing with yo crazy ass would makes me want to stay away from you
So if I really try to tell you where my mind is at
You really wouldn't understand it
Cause all I hear is wait and develop, but i ain't try'na be shelf
I'm try'na shine and make a whole fucking lane for myself
I got racks in my pocket but I never got racks till my raps started popping
Why would I stop now?, why would I pretend like I don't got this flow locked down
Why would I depend on people that I know clocked out
Just because you like to talk it doesn't mean you that you working
I can see through muthafuckas, keep it 'G' or desert us
And you don't need to be among us, always Mr.[?]
Fucking with the fungus, gonna leave yo soul infected
This is cautionary, they ain't get me since elementary