Nyck Caution - Vulcan (2015)

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Nyck Caution - Vulcan lyrics

On the roll like dice in the cut
Came through, got the ice in the cup
Yeah, I see this girl grinnin', and I know that she unlikely to front
Nyck villain, murder pussy, gotta' license to fuck

[Verse 1]
Yo, let me take you to my neck of the woods
Let me show you things that only a professional could
You ain't do it like I do it, this is excellence really
I'm 'bouta choke the game out like I'm wrestling good
You ain't saying, "what up" then stop playing with us
One thing that when you talking you portraying you tough
Than actually being about you, you ain't cranking it up
'Bout to put the blanket over you, I'm [?] them up, what?
I spit hot, I'm a flame from the Era
I grip twat when the brain could be betta'
I hit shots 'til my wrists pop, nigga 'bout to pop
Watch the whole world stop when my shit drop

When my shit drop, when my shit drop
When my shits drop, ohhhhh, what
(Nigga 'bout to pop
Watch the whole world stops when my shit drop)

[Verse 2]
I kill the track with a toe tag
Feel good, but it's so sad
Flow bag women for the gonads
Went to school like a decade and a half
So my English's well, I curtle bitches with the vocab
Yeah, you talk a big game, but it don't match
You be fighting with your gocaps
I'm the corner where the ghouls at
No coach got the soul of an old cat
Only choking in my throat rasps
Everybody laughed when [?] is a joke last
I guess they gotta' see their outcomes so they don't ask
And everybody see that I've become the Pro
Just embodied what I envisioned, and I be killin' when it's post-rap
Fuck all of your feedback, yo, I had my feet back
With some gold black, where the ghost at
Yeah, where the coast at, beast coast at
Yo, and anybody get R.I.P, yo, R.I.P
I got green by the C.I.B
Eat the track like I D.I.G
E.R, these bars are T.I.P
T.O.P, E.R you sleep on me
I've been outta' my mind, too professional
Why you fronting like your rhymes are acceptable?
Cause if you getting outta' line
Talking 'bout your mixtape when every line is objectionable
I've been up on my bully, you ain't really get it
If you give me something I can eat
I'mma really fetch it
Cook a way to make 'em pay more
And you know I'm Steph Curry with the shot
'Bouta blow like a claymore
Think it's time Nyck evened the odds
If they came for a hero I'mma give 'em a God
Nyck even the odds
If they came for a hero I'mma give 'em a God

[Beat Breakdown]
Relax your mind, relax your mind
Relax your mind, and improve your mind
And know it's time, to go