Nuclear Rabbit - Shoes Don't Fit lyrics

Hey baby. Shoe fairy baby. I'm waitin' for you. My feet are achin'.
My legs are quakin'. I paid my dues. I wanna be changin'.
I wanna be different. I wanna be you. Sweet little pixie.
You're gonna fix me. My waitin' is through.

Sweet Jesus. Heavens to Betsy. What did you do?
Well, these shoes are crazy. They're makin' me lazy.
I'm naked and bruised. I'm beaten and battered. My spirits are shattered.
I'm fellin' confused. Hey baby, my shoe fairy baby. Maybe some boots?

These shoes fit? THE SHOES DON'T FIT! (x4)

SHOES DON'T FIT - You can't wear them! (x4)

And then he walked away (x8)