Nuclear Rabbit - Shiny Button lyrics

Being that which we are disease. Not working what is right but what we please.

Like a self-righteous king thinks he owns all he sees.

We punish the planet's peasants with our greed.
Cockroaches applauding us the chosen seed.

In our oneness and our wholeness. We need someone to feed us.
To pet us and breed us. No species needs us.

Mr. President there is no other way. The button, fabled hero saves the day.

Giggling and chiding us, waiting to see.
The inevitable end of the human species.
Press the shiny button, it's all the chance we need.

Carnivores and herbivores. All cannibals and hors d oeuvres.
The meat eaters wanna eat 'em. While the grass eater wanna starve 'em.
All guilty of gluttony, tomfoolery and mutiny.

Simplicity if not dormancy. The button it is pure beauty.

Us roaches we will take care of you our own roachy way.

Humans fancy the fantasy of their legacy. Monogamy, malignancy and treachery.

We are the master race we're here to stay.
Press the shiny button, make it all go away.

Shiny button (x3).