Noxious Emotion - Dispense With The Shit lyrics

I'm always following the same path
Down through these insipid responsibilities
To make my part of a working unit
To become one with a thoughtless society
Confirmation of my conformation
I wear the badges of my mundane
Existance isn't what it use to be
Ever since heroes were deemed unwelcome
I am an ordinary man
The only hero left
Welcome to my normality, the nightmare
There use to be a sense of responsibility
To become what all said I couldn't
This main goal has been clouded by life's day by day responses
Where did it all spoil and go to hell?
Who is responsible for me?
I know it's mine but I'll blame you just out of spite
Will you blame me?
Of course you will
You have every time you curse a stranger
It was me
When I die, who will remember me for more than a decade?
No one
Who will remember you?
Ever think of it?
Who lies in this grave unmarked?
My children's children will know my name if history is kind
Nut they won't ever know what I was like
They won't ever care
Too busy to fight it themselves
History will erase your memory as well, as mine
No one will ever wonder if the same breath of air
The take in was once breathed by Jesus Christ
Who cares anyways?
Let's dispense with the shit you know
You hate me as well as I hate you
You stand for everything I detest