Noxious Emotion - Curse lyrics

Swastikas deviating society but not by much
Hypocritical red neck in a sociopathic crutch
Gassing jews to preserve their race
Hanging coloreds to purify their space
What makes you think you're better than others?
Wasps destroy everything, unlike themselves
A mother's curse
Religion is designed to collect similarities
And conquer or destroy the slightest deformities
Over the centuries Christianity has proven
If you happen to be different, out you're driven
Insincere Christian love
Death grip hold
2,000 years gone but still around
Its bold curse
Of course fight among yourselves with pompous ideals
Audacity brainwashing siblings with a praying kneel
E nomeni padre e cefilli e spirit tui sancti seige hail mien furor
Keep us in safety from those deviated souls who don't think as we
Protection, destructive killing those unlike me
Curse ignorance stupidity