Novembre - Cantus Christi lyrics

Cantus Christi vow
As today I say farewell to you

I can see me now
From a height, as if I were you

I turn to Zenith now
All there is, is the scent of you

I can see me now,
As today I say farewell to you

There is always, however, a small gap
Between the sea and the sky
Where I retreat to take a break
From those monotonic chants clocking our passing time

There behind a crowd of clouds bathed in Sun
I behold these pictures to you

And that's how it goes
A song always comes to an end
Then a few more bits of silence

In a composition of stagnant water and seagulls sad
I bring your laughter back to light
And your life, which you always felt as stolen?
Has (always) been there instead
Just afraid of blooming, of us