Novel - Wunder For Love (2011)

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Novel - Wunder For Love lyrics

My daughter i take ..

The most beautiful beautiful thing

Butterflies in ym stomach ooh
Callin blind hard like a ..lovin
Baby girl cuttie pie og baby boom
I can call you beautiful doesn’t mean it just a fast of you no
Goose bobs all over my skin ooh
Fall your love baby i start all over yeah
I work too ..just to make you proud of me
‘cause have you .. nothing more valuable
You’re my .. ooh wonderful
My so wonderful
You’re wonder wonderful
Yeah yeah wonderful
Said wonderful, wonderful

I can’t help be around you no
Cause it’s like heaven heaven to round you
Hear my dream
My little paradise
I’m ..with you is all so very nice very nice
Ooh i can’t do is dream of you
You look perfect it’s .. of how love is true love is true
Yeah wonderful in every way
You’re beautiful rainbow ..

You’re my wonderful
My little piece of .. wonderful
You’re my wunder for wunder for
My little e piece wonder for
Say yeah yeah yeah oh oh oh ohh
Oooh ...wonderful wonderful yeah yeah yeah
And all i can’t do is dream of you ooh