Novel - Nightcall To My Ex (Red Wine & Ambien Mixtape) (2012)

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Novel - Nightcall To My Ex (Red Wine & Ambien Mixtape) lyrics

They say that im a glutton for pain
always drinking by myself. Always praying for the rain
Always waiting for you to change
I put My phone on vibrate & still I never FEEL a thang
A wise man told me, keep it simple and plain
people tell you who they are. You should believe what they sayin
I swear these women make a brotha go insane
I'd probably make a better living if Id focus on the game
Another reference, nother quote
Another tweet on how I got my heart broke.
Another comment on my FACEBOOK post
under a photo of my ex says "You should leave her, but you wont"
Damn, now you know that aint right
I get lil baggage then you wanna take flight
Maybe I should get the picture and just photo shop my life
adjust the tones, add some color, crop you b*tches out of site

Im giving you a night call to tell you how I feel
I wanna drive you through the night down the hill
Im gonna tell you something you dont want to hear
Im gonna show you where its dark
but have no fear

You know how you be in a groove
At the studio, when you get that text changing your mood
and you want to reply to the message and keep it cool
but say some shit you regret right after you send it through
Then the chess games begin, but its more like checkers
faking, tryna pretend when you really just wanna check her
Tell her the shit hurts and you feeling so disrespected
but conversations is rare so communication is precious
things taken out of context, translations hectic
everything your conveying gets more and more disconnected
Days seem longer, nights get restless
words seem shorter, fights get more epic
Baby, you really should be tired of the lies
Those male friends you be keeping, be keeping you ill-advised
its funny how you say "You should open up your eyes
open up our ears!" but you cant even keep an open mind