Nova77 - No Words lyrics

I remember all those times i fell so far
I thought no one would stand by me
For what i had become
And when i felt the most alone and in the dark
You came to me and held me
In the fullness of Your love

How can i describe all You are to me?
My lips are empty, words they fail me
I do not deserve these things
How can i compare all that's offered me
To who You are as Your arms enfold me?
All else slowly drifts away

Here You stand my love
These bruises that i've stained You with
Can You love the one who marred You
And take me back again?
And when i leave You there, Your faithfulness endures
When i ran, You pursued me and once more called me Yours

Nails have pierced Your hands
For all in me that's wrong
A thorny crown is on Your brow
Where coronets belong
I try to wash my hands of all that i have done
The only way that i'll know peace
Is to wash them in Your blood