Notradach - The Taste Of Tears lyrics

Lost in the dark with nothing to hide
Find my lost soul, hold my face to the light
Staring into your starlit eyes
I forget how I lost the time
Sleeping on needles, an everlasting pain
Everytime I watch you walk away
Absence of my thoughts when I'm with you
I ask myself if this life is true
Buying the faults, listening to lies
Now I question if you'll be there when I die

The taste of tears
Only a fear
As they drip to my mouth
And they dry me out - I can taste
Your lips that I once embraced
(end chorus)

Feeling of darkness engulfs me in fear
Residue of myself, sucking up dry tears
The feeling of your arms around me
Brings me to exhausted memories
Tripping when I reach for you
Lost, I swear I thought we flew
Resistance of my love when I'm told no
Sink in my grave with that one final blow
Buying the faults, listening to lies
Now i wish you could be there when I cry


Running for too long
Falling over what is to come
I want to drown in your thoughts
I want to forget the pain we brought
Too weak to raise a fist
We never seemed ready for this
I could never swallow the day
That you walked away
Always crying the tears
When I faded for years
I forgot who I was
Keep asking myself
Is this love or lust?
Please let go - When you know
I've diluted myself out of you
(end bridge)

Holding myself in hopes to have you hear
A test to see if you could swallow my tears
Knowing we got this far
To split apart
To want, to need your spirit blanket me
Something I wish I didn't need
Existence of my pain when my blood goes cold
The truth between us, only makes me fold
Buying the faults, listening to lies
Now all I ask myself is...