Notorious B.I.G. - Unbelievable lyrics (Chinese translation). | Live from Bedford-Stuyverson, the livest one
, Representin BK to the fullest
, Gats I pull it,...
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Notorious B.I.G. - Unbelievable (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Live from Bedford-Stuyverson, the livest one
ZH: 从贝德福德-Stuyverson,体温一活

EN: Representin BK to the fullest
ZH: 最充分地 representin BK

EN: Gats I pull it, bastards duckin when Big be buckin
ZH: 服务贸易总协定 》 我拉它,决定当大混蛋会强烈反抗一些

EN: Chickenheads be cluckin in my bathroom fuckin
ZH: Chickenheads 是 cluckin 在我浴室心

EN: It ain't nuttin, they know Big be handlin
ZH: 它不是骤雨,他们知道大将 · 汉德林

EN: With the mac in the Ac' door paneling
ZH: 与 mac 在 Ac' 门镶板

EN: Bandaging MC's, oxygen they can't breathe
ZH: 包扎 MC,他们不能呼吸的氧气

EN: Mad tricks up the sleeve, red boxers so my dick can breathe
ZH: 疯狂的招数来的衣袖,红色拳击手所以我的小弟弟能呼吸

EN: Breeze through in the Q-45 by my side, lyrical high
ZH: 陆风通过 Q 45 由我侧、 抒情的高

EN: And those that rushes my cluthes get put on crutches
ZH: 那些冲我 cluthes 把拄着拐杖

EN: Get smoked like dutches from the master
ZH: 放烟像从母版 dutches

EN: Hate to blast ya, but I have ta, you see I smoke a lot
ZH: 讨厌爆炸震遐,但有 ta,你看看我抽了很多

EN: Your life is played out like Kwame, and them fuckin polka dots
ZH: 你的生活就像是夸梅和他们心圆点发挥

EN: Who rock the spot? Biggie!
ZH: 谁摇滚现场?大不了 !

EN: You know how the weed yo, unbelievable
ZH: 你知道如何杂草哟,令人难以置信

EN: Verse Two:
ZH: 第二节:

EN: B-I-G, G-I-E, AKA, B.I.G.
ZH: B-G,G-E,AKA,伍思凯

EN: Get it? Biggie
ZH: 明白吗?大不了

EN: Also known as the bon appetit
ZH: 也称为 bon appetit

EN: Rappers can't sleep need sleepin Big keep creepin
ZH: 说唱歌手不能睡睡这大保持爬行着的需要

EN: Bulelts heat-seekin, casualties need treatin
ZH: Bulelts 在热,伤亡需要加工

EN: Dumb rappers need teachin
ZH: 笨说唱需要教学

EN: Lesson A - don't fuck with B-I, that's that, oh I, thought he was wack
ZH: 第一节课-别他妈的与 B-一、 这就是哦,以为他是怪人

EN: Oh come come now, why y'all so dumb now
ZH: 哦来现在来,为什么你们现在这么笨

EN: Hunt me or be hunted, three hundred and fifty-seven ways
ZH: 狩猎我或被猎杀,第七种方法

EN: To summer sautee, I'm the winner all day
ZH: 到夏天彩椒,我一天都是胜者

EN: Lights get dimmer down Biggie's hallway
ZH: 灯得到调光器大不了的走廊

EN: My forte causes caucausians to say
ZH: 我的专长导致 caucausians 说

EN: He sounds demented, car-weed scented
ZH: 他声音错乱,车杂草的香味

EN: If I said it, I meant it
ZH: 如果它说说到做到

EN: Bite my tongue for no-one
ZH: 无人的咬我的舌头

EN: Call me evil, or unbelievable
ZH: 叫我邪恶,或令人难以置信

EN: Verse Three:
ZH: 第 3 节:

EN: Buck shots out the sun roof of Lexus Coupe's
ZH: 巴克拍摄出来的雷克萨斯的太阳屋顶双门跑车

EN: Leave no witnesses, what you think this is
ZH: 离开没有目击证人,你以为这是什么

EN: Ain't no amateurs here, I damage and tear
ZH: 不是没有业余爱好者在这里,我损伤和撕裂

EN: MC's fear me, they too near not to hear me
ZH: MC 的惧怕我,他们太近不来听我

EN: Clearly, I'm the triple beam dream
ZH: 显然,我是三重梁梦

EN: One thousand grams of uncut to the gut
ZH: 1000 克的完整无缺的肚子

EN: It seems fucked up, the way I touched up the grill
ZH: 看起来一团糟,我碰了烧烤的方式

EN: Tryin to play gorilla, when you ain't no killer
ZH: 尽力发挥大猩猩,当你不是不是杀手

EN: The gat's by your liver, your upper lip quiver
ZH: Gat 由你的肝脏,你的上嘴唇颤抖

EN: Get ready to die, tell God I said hi
ZH: 准备去死,告诉的上帝说喜

EN: And throw down some ice, for the nicest MC
ZH: 和扔给我一些冰块,为最好的 MC

EN: Niggaz know the steelo, unbelievable
ZH: 这些黑鬼知道 steelo,令人难以置信