Nothingface - Pacifier lyrics

one time through the door.
and on the floor.
all i wanna be is just a little whore.
all i wanna do what i wanna do to myself.
i cut my ity bity self.
i cant think about you and what you wanna do.
i should i better stop myself cause you could be like
you be like that you could be like this old man that said.
and this is what he said to me
i dont wanna feel this way anymore.
cause i cannot take all this wont you save me
i dont need this shit to end this endless story.
take my savior take my pacifier
believe more in a core i've stored everything you said.
put my hell to bed now again.
i am dreams bad ones as it seems is why i cannot redeem.
can't what i do everything i do is just for blame sake.
anyways and this is what he said to me and anyway.
and this is what he said to me what he said to me.