Nothing Unexpected - All We Have lyrics

I'm known for giving up, and giving in.
I'm not sure what i've got to end, to begin.
I've been making my way through these mazes.
Where to turn, how to feel, what to say.
When i'm searching through these mazes.

One chance is all we ever have.
It's all we ever get.
So let's make the most of it.
We know we may fall the first time.
We come back stronger the next time.
Might be hard, but we'll make it.
Life is just what you make it.

I'm done with putting on the same old show.
They say "boy, that's just how the story goes."
I will find a way to break myself down.
So i know, i can change, if i try.
It's just a matter of place and time.

It's all we have, to get this right.
If you feel like breaking down, just plant your feet to the ground.
Look around, i think you'll find things will get better in time