Nothing Final - The Ups Of Feeling Nothing lyrics

No fear, no pain...

Numbess surrounds me like a thousand screaming voices that I can't make go away.

But it's alright.

I need to hear them. I

Need to know I'm not alone.

If I'm crying you won't hear it.

If I'm bleeding I won't feel it.

No worries, just waiting.

Will I welcome death with open arms?

Either way it won't matter because it's coming for me.

Closer... closer... closer...

I'm not afraid anymore.

Maybe if I could feel I would run screaming

But I'm numb and oblivious

And that's the way I would like to stay.


Perhaps not.

There's a deeper voice inside of me

Beneath the numbess.

It cries out for redemption, rescue

But I don't because I'm comfortably numb and nothing phases me.

Not now... not ever again.

Unless the voices take complete control.

They want out.

They feel the pain that I've shut out.

They cry the tears that I can't anymore.

They're scared and they hide.

But not me...

I'm right here

So do with me what you please.