Non Credo - Piano Urine lyrics

All, save one, came down the hill
A countenance of crosses
Shorn and shaved, cloaked and grave
An apparition in formation

We stood at the window, Lill and I
and watched them pass in silence
I turned and asked where they'd come from
Lill said they were her new neighbors
All she knew was they'd arrived
two weeks ago last Friday
and every evening at this time
they took their constitutional

I thought they were peculiar
and it wasn't just the face
Though much as I wish there was one
I've never seen a mouthless race
It had something to do with the packets
and seeds and pods on the wall
the hieroglyphics that filled in the spaces
thirty wide and fifty tall

Pericarps I'd never seen the likes of
were thumbtacked all ove the place
Though Lill insisted they were native
I was sure the came from outer space

A cocoon-like thing at eye level
had something wriggling inside
Lill laughed and lit up a cigarette
I ran looking for someplace to hide

Sharizan was back in the house
with that woman that I'd brought along
They had hated each other on sight
I should have known that the day would go wrong