Non-Aggression Pact - Wicked Painted Sun lyrics

I think it's funny when you reach out and you love me
Shaking up your hands, then you push and you shove me
Bend me at the bone, when the time is right, you'll know it
To give it what you've got, all the juices are flowing

Although I must confess that this is killing me
My life is in distress, my love is blinding me
Come get your just reward, my fist so deep in your head
Go on and cry to your lord, I'll find you in my bed

Fight for the people, all my love, it won't diminish
Hands, a crossed exchange, fight for something that's evil
Now is the time, but my friend you'll never know it
Taking what is mine, man, I hope I don't blow this now

Cover me with honey, pick me up and love me
Wicked painted sun never shining upon me
Down it's got to go, never thinking I would need you
I don't even know why I do the things I do
This my only friend, I can't give up what I'm missing
Breaking while you bend all my words, you can't listen
Flashback in my head to a place with colors flowing
Thinking back instead on my life without knowing shit

For all mind is a power and with all this, the glory
Stick it straight up your ass, I've heard enough of your story
Pick your feelings up and with your body restrained
When I've had enough of living in my pain
Black fingers sticky, touch me when you lick me
Smacked into your face, all my past will not get me
White skinny back, break me when you've got it
Take me to my back, shocking, well you've just bought this, yeah