Nodes Of Ranvier - Valjean lyrics

Hate for hate
I bear corruption in my name
This life brings nothing but disdain
This world a grave filled with disease,
On a condemned humanity.
Where is your God of love and peace?
He has left me.
I spit in the face of compassion,
Mercy is for the weak,
Kindness, a fairy tale that helps you
Get a good night's sleep.
I have seen humanity's true form.
Wicked, depraved and hellbound.
We are corrupt. Full of deceit.
(So filled with) - Hate for hate
Striking back with vengeance
Revenge, my only allegiance,
In a world that mocks my existence.
God, can you hear your creation?
Surrounded by forces bent on my destruction.
They call my name. Expose my shame.
But a voice of comfort, and a face of love
Shattered this cold and callous soul.
I've seen forgiveness in its trust form.
It brought surrender to this internal war.
Cleansed forever, from my redemption