NoName Gypsy - Dizzy (2014)

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NoName Gypsy - Dizzy lyrics

[Verse 1]
The last time I seen Dizzy Gillespie
Singing to a southern sun
Set back in Tallahassee
Dare you ask me how many drugs I took on that morning
I'm mourning for buttered biscuits
Syrup over the pancakes, I killed that
Glass of white milk, lungs still black
The revolution won't be televised
It's [?], get a call from Khadija
"How you living girl?", single
30 minutes later the sitcom is over
Common coming over
He trading me all his water for my chocolate
I'm loving the music
Digging the sounds, I'm hitting the joint
Getting too high, tweaking and shit
My silhouette is talking to my shadow
I'm drinking a bit, Cognac
Somebody tell Jay Electronica I love him
It's 3 PM and the sun is out

[Verse 2]
This is rally at the anti-violence rally raps
With alley caps, I brought my yoga mat
The culdesac was getting crowded, and I need my xan
Sitting in the wind, city of the go
Lotion on my skin got me feeling super smooth
Like I could save a life
Like I could write a dissertation on virginity
Tell a couple girls it's OK if you wanna wait to 90
You ain't gotta rush, the satin and the red cotton sheets gonna be there
Somebody tell Jay Elec that I'm waitin'
Nah, I'm playin'
I'm waitin' for my Mister Man
For the sippy cups on the floor of the minivan
It's 3 PM and I'm sitting outside this coffee shop
Thinking about my wedding dress and the violence in the city
What if my soul man already been shot?
Skip that thought, walk to the bike
Ride to the park
Flyin the new guide in the water
Pretend like the grass getting greener
And smile like Dizzy Gillespie